Seclusion and Restraint Awareness Training

As part of the Michigan Department of Education revisions to public law MCL 380.1307-380.1307h school districts across the State had to provide Seclusion and Restraint Awareness training to all staff who come in contact with students. In late October our district sent over 20 staff members to become qualified to train staff of the newest modifications to the legislation.

What is seclusion and restraint?

1. Emergency seclusion” is defined in MCL 380.1307h(e) as “a last resort
emergency safety intervention involving seclusion that is necessitated by an
ongoing emergency situation and that provides an opportunity for the pupil
to regain self-control while maintaining the safety of the pupil and others.”
2. “To qualify as emergency seclusion, there must be continuous observation by
school personnel of the pupil in seclusion, and the room or area used for
confinement must comply with state and local fire and building codes; must
not be locked; must not prevent the pupil from exiting the area if school
personnel become incapacitated or leave that area; and must provide for
adequate space, lighting, ventilation, viewing, and the safety and dignity of
the pupil and others, in accordance with department guidelines.”

“Restraint” means an action that prevents or significantly restricts a pupil’s
a. “Physical restraint” means restraint involving direct physical contact.
b. “Chemical restraint” means the administration of medication for the
purpose of restraint.
Michigan Department of Education Page 14
c. “Mechanical restraint” means the use of any device, article, garment,
or material attached to or adjacent to a pupil’s body to perform

MDE Guidelines

Next Steps

Schools will begin identifying “Key Identified Personnel” at each school. Members of these teams will be trained in CPI and CPR. CPI   is a non-violent crisis intervention method that includes physical interventions and personal safety techniques, which are designed to maximize the safety of everyone involved in a crisis situation. Our department recently sent two staff members, Niki Sobh and Carrie Schoolmaster, to become trainers of CPI. Our department is currently working on a schedule to train one member of each “Key Identified Personnel” team in CPI. We hope to have all the training complete by late March.




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