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Scholarship Opportunity: Khodr Farhat Accessibility Scholarship

The Dearborn Education Foundation, is pleased to offer the Khadr Farhat for more accessible Education Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship is open to high school students with IEPs . The scholarship can be used to fund resources like laptops, screen readers, tablets, transportation expenses, magnifiers, hearing aid, mobility related equipment etc that will support a student’s ability to access college opportunities.

For more information, and to apply for this scholarship opportunity please click here.

National Social Worker Month

They are our heroes without capes. Please remember to thank your local social worker. As we take time to appreciate our school social workers this month, I leave you with this quote by President Kennedy that truly embodies our social workers in Dearborn:

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

Below are pictures of our school social workers. Thank you for all that you do!

Elementary School Social Workers

Middle School Social Workers
Middle School Social Workers
High School School Social Workers

Week full of Professional Development and another retirement

This week the department hosted professional development for teachers. On Tuesday, Shellie Conrad, Kim Ray, Iman Hammoud, Carrie Schoolmaster and Mary Warsop led PD on progress monitoring. Wednesday, Kim Ray, Amber Wade and Mary Warsop led professional development on Co-Teaching at Bryant MS. Both were a great success. We are appreciative to have an awesome leadership team.

On Thursday the department said goodbye to records technician Linda Tynan. We wish Linda the best with her retirement.


Great Professional Learning and a Goodbye

February 14 marked a day of great learning for the more than 350 special education staff. Teachers and paras engaged in great dialogue and professional development in specially designed instruction, teacher/para collaboration, sensory integration just to name a few.

On another note, we did say goodbye to Dearborn High School Social Worker David Barbour. It was bitter sweet. David has been a leader and advocate for the special education debarment that spans through two decades. We thank David for his great work and accomplishments through out his career in Dearborn. He will truly be missed.

A day of Thanks

The ASD staff  at O.L. Smith held  their annual “A Day of Thanks” feast for students and their families. Led by Ms. Ball, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Saad, students prepared a thanksgiving day feast for their classmates and families. The event started with a video made by students and ended with a great thanksgiving meal. Way to go team Smith!


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